Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

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  • q-iconHow & When Do I Get Paid?

    We pay on the 15th of every month Once you hit  Minimum $50 Threshold, You’ll be paid Via Paypal Mass pay with a 60 Day lag time to allow us to account for potential refund (almost non existent)
    To view all your earnings please visit The Affiliate Stats Page   and please be sure to also update your PROFILE PAGE to include your paypal Email.

  • q-iconHow Much Can I make With Your Affiliate Program?

    1) You’ll make 10% LIFETIME commissions of all Solo Ad Sales.
    2) You’ll make up to 50% on our Automated programs/courses/Membership levels
    3) You’ll make 20% on all service BASED offers, Done For you funnels, Coaching and consulting packages.

    Remember once you refer a visitor, he is HARD-CODED to you as the Referral. SO in the future even if its 10 years later if he/she purchase any of of our program/services or click packages you’ll be commissioned for it!

  • q-iconFIrst Cookie Or Last Cookie Wins?

    Short Answer: Last Cookie Wins
    So if someone clicks on the affiliate link of Jack, and then a few hours (or days) later, clicks on the affiliate link of Jill, and then goes on to purchase a product, then DAP awards the commission to Jill, whose affiliate link was the one clicked most recently.

  • q-iconAt what point does a Referral Gets HARD-CODED to me as the Affiliate?

    A referral get’s hard-coded to you as the affiliate once he/she signs up for ANY of our FREE membership levels (Yes even the freebie gift we give away in or purchases any of our PAID programs/solo ad packages etc.

  • q-iconCan I send my Affiliate traffic to certain pages on

    Yes of course.

    You may also promote some of our paid programs directly using the SAME affiliate link