Pay Per Lead Program ( Special Invitation only)

Get paid $0.40 per SINGLE Optin lead

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This is a PRIVATE by invitation only program

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How Does It Works?
In addition to the standard Affiliate Program payouts, whenever someone signs-up for a FREE gold Membership account, you'll be awarded $0.40. SO for example if you referred 50 People who created a FREE gold membership Solo Ads account , you'll be commissioned  $0.40 X 50 = $20  
Remember You'll also get LIFETIME commissions on everything your referrals purchases.

When Do I Get Paid?
You're commissions will be paid the same time as the standard Affiliate payout . Go here to the FAQ section for affiliate payout

Three Important Things

1) You should NEVER incentivize people to sign up by offering a Free Gift etc
2) I will review your first 100 leads, if none of those leads make a single purchase, I will still pay you , but i will tell you NICELY that I'll have to remove you from this PPL program. You are however still part of the affiliate program just not the PPL program. From my experience a minimum 1 out of 10 people who sign-up for the FREE solo Ad Gold Membership actually buys a click package through our follow up emails etc, so having a 100 lead buffer is pretty good.