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Forum and email Signatures is a simple way to drive traffic to your affiliate link and its Free too. You can simply add your signature on any forums  under the profile section and all your posts will have you signature message and Affiliate link which gives you more chances of people clicking your links. If you have a mailing list all you have to do is simply add your affiliate links at the end of every email.

I couldn't agree more. Things like this shouldn't be taken for granted. Thanks again for this amazing post!

Forum Post Replies & Blog Comments

Most forums allow you to add a signature that is visible to anyone who reads your post. Most blogs also allow you to leave a URL link in the comment section. Below are some pre - written blog comments and forum replies you can use. Please do not spam and try to provide some value when commenting. Be original and nice to everyone and avoid being spammy. The good news about forum signature links is that they can get traffic potentially for years an years to come because of the sheer amount of traffic these forums get.

Here's a small sample of replies you can use.

I couldn't agree more. Things like this shouldn't be taken for granted. Thanks again for this amazing post!

Awesome this is a great post! Bookmarking this to read it again later. Thanks again for this useful post!

Love it! I totally agree with you on this.

Thanks for this awesome share.I was wondering how people do that, your post is super helpful. Thanks!

My thoughts exactly! I guess great minds think alike! Not everyone will agree with what you're saying but you sir have my vote!

Forum Links
To find more forums, all you have to do is  type on google " Make money Online Forums " and "Affiliate marketing forum" There are tons of internet marketing and make money online forums out there.

Here's a  list of Top Forums << Big forum with tons of traffic- Start here << Internet Marketing + Affiliate marketing forum<< Affiliate marketing Forum <<  Affiliate marketing Forum