2 Tier Affiliate - Refer Affiliates and Make Money

Refer Affiliates and make money from what they make!

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With this exclusive partner referral program, you can get paid simply by referring other affiliates or JVs to BestQualitySoloAds.com referral program and make money with other people's efforts!

Here's how it works..

You'll make up to $200 in  commissions any time your referred partners makes an affiliate sale..  your partner is HARDCODED to you as the referrer and you will earn LIFETIME commissions . So if your referred partner makes a sale even 10 years from now.. you'll be rewarded for the sale.

STEP # 1 - Grab your Partner Referral link!

STEP # 2 - Promote Your Partner Referral link!

1) Send out this email to your affiliate/JV list


2) Signature At The End Of Your Emails

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3) Forum Signature (e.g Warriorforum.com)

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4. Post On Social Media ( Facebook and Groups)


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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a PRIVATE by invitation only program

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How Does It Works?
In addition to the standard Affiliate Program payouts, whenever someone you refer becomes an affiliate and makes money referring customers to , You will get commissioned for it  too!

When Do I Get Paid?
You're commissions will be paid the same time as the standard Affiliate payout . Go here to the FAQ section for affiliate payout

Additional Notes