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If you're looking interested in earning an additional income stream online whether you're brand new to affiliate programs or if you're already an experienced online marketer then it is CRITICAL that you read this entire page! (Especially  if you're looking to promote a High quality offer in the Make Money online space)


With we don’t just sell solo ad traffic , we also provide all sorts Internet marketing & Affiliate marketing offers, training programs, Done For You Services and even coaching programs making it a ONE stop solution for anyone trying to make Money Online.

Anyone you refers to us with your affiliate link who then signs up will receive ongoing follow up emails where we nurture and promote all sorts of HIGh value offers embedded with your Affiliate link 🙂

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All the offers and programs offered at *Excluding Solo Ad sales* has done over 6 figures in sale to date! Our ofers and services converts and we have a ton of satisfied customer with Glowing testimonials.

The Evergrowing Sales Funnel & Commissions

Imagine Multiple Streams Of Income Flooding Into Your Accounts - All working On Autopilot - Hassle Free For You...

Things like:

  • Ever-Growing Sales funnels To help YOU make More Money

  • Upsell Offers continually tweaked behind the scenes to increase YOUR profits

  • Tempting promotions sent to members with YOUR affiliate links**

  • MULTIPLE BackEnd High Ticket offers With LIFETIME COMMISSIONS

  • And much more

**Yes it's true...  In addition to the membership fees/upgrades Commissions that'll soon be heading your way, you'll also get extra cash from the offer promotions regularly sent to members for you.  

So yes even the back-end marketing is done for you! - In fact, any time an email goes out to members it will have your affiliate link embedded in it

Get ready to watch your affiliate commissions EXPLODE!

7 EPIC Reasons Why You Should Promote Us..


#1 LIFETIME Affiliate Commissions! Your Referrals are locked to you For LIFE!

With we use an affiliate Software to track all affiliate sales using LIFETIME COOKIES With HARDCODED Affiliate links. This means if you refer people to with your unique affiliate link and if they purchase anything from in the future, you'll still get credit for the sale. In other words once your customer makes a purchase his YOUR referred customer for LIFE.

Imagine getting paid FOR life for each customer you REFER. Unlike most affiliate program that only pays you once for the Front end programs, we pay for LIFE for the ENTIRE sales funnel!

#2 Multiple High Ticket Backend Offers = More Big Ticket Money For You!

Here At we have several high ticket offers in our funnel ad YES you'll make commissions from these high ticket offers as well.. making you up to $1,000 commission PER SALE.
So in addition to all the front end , you still get commissioned for all the backend offers as well! A bulk of your earnings will come from these high ticket offers.

GOOD NEWS! Our High Ticket Offers Converts Very Well With a Phone Call Follow Up In Place!

#3 Ever-Growing Sales Funnels = More Money For You!

Here at, we're constantly adding new offers and services to extend our value offers ultimately bringing in more money for you!  (Remember your referral is HARD-Coded to you for Life) So whatever offer we produce in the future in our funnel that your referral purchases , you'll be credited for the sale!
**Check out Details Of The Funnel below

#4 Ongoing Follow Up Emails Promoting YOUR Affiliate LINKS!

Imagine getting paid FOR life for each customer you REFER?

#5 High Funnel Conversion Rates!

Funnel conversion is what really counts in this business and we have a very nice high converting funnel in place to convert visitors in to LONG TERM PAYING CUSTOMERS. With our professionally written sales and ad copy, you'll be turning browser traffic in to customers.. FAST! We have also set our commission structure so that you'll be able to make as much money as possible with our high converting sales funnels. Give it a try!

#6 Access to Best Affiliate Training Resource Centre On The Internet!

If you have no idea how to promote, or have no experience with affiliate marketing at all, With affiliate program, you don't have to worry because we provide you with ALL the resources, marketing knowledge and tools to help you be successful. We also provide personal support so you'll be able to maximize the profits from your promotions.

When you sign up for our affiliate program, you get instant access to our entire private affiliate resource and training center, which includes professionally-designed book cover graphics, banners, classified ads, reviews, articles and even mini-sales letters so you could start making money instantly!

#7 Real-time 24 -Hour Stats tracking Member's Area

You'll be able to see your earnings and click stats in the back office in real time.

#8 Our Affiliate Program is FREE To Join!

Quick Recap : Why Promote Us?

  • Lifetime Affiliate Commissions, your referrals are LOCKED to you FOR LIFE!
  • Multiple High Ticket Backend Opportunities up to $1000 Commission per Sale
  • Ongoing follow up Emails Embedded with YOUR Affiliate Links
  • Get paid On time EVERYTIME!
  • Real Genuine Support for all your referrals.
  • Our Affiliate Program is 100% FREE TO JOIN
  • Set and Forget Promotion - Most of our partners just plug in the affiliate link once In their funnel , download page or member’s area and make money with this affiliate Program

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How Do I Get Paid?

All our offers are set up within BestQualitySoloAds and we use DAP affiliate Script to track all affiliate sales using LIFETIME COOKIES With HARDCODED Affiliate links. This means if you send people to and they purchase anything from in the future, you'll still get credit for the sale. In other words once your customer makes a purchase his YOUR referred customer for LIFE.

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If you've helped bring in some affiliate sales, I'll be more than happy to reciprocate and mail out your offers to my list too! I want to reward partners and develop long term partnerships that will be extremely beneficial for all parties involved.

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