High Ticket Affiliate Funnel With Phone Call

High ticket affiliate sales funnel explanation

1 Traffic, this can be something like solo ads

2.Squeezepage, just collect emails!

3. After they enter their email the visitor then gets redirected to the "Thank you page" where you should include a video explaining about the offer and opportunity and also your contact details ( Best to have your mobile #, people will actually call you!)

4. After they opt-in they are also going to get YOUR follow up emails thats designed to get the subscriber reaching out to you for a phone call. We want to follow up with them relentlessly at least 14 days worth of emails!

As you can see from the high ticket affiliate funnel [Graphic above] we want the subscriber to reach out to us so we can close them on the phone.

Through repeat follow up emails and trust building, this is going to increase the chances of your subscriber finally going in their head " you know what this guy may have something good to offer after all" and reach out to you to discuss about the opportunity.