Freebie Gift Creation AKA Your Irresistible Freebie Gift

Creating your irresistible offer AKA Your Freebie Gift

Ideally you just want to create a simple 3 – 7 page  PDF report and upload it to your download page for your subscribers to download. You should not spend too much time on this section, ideally just do it in 30 minutes or less.
The report can be very simple

** In reality despite the number of subscribers you’ll get most will never download your freebie gift- I know its strange I was very surprised initially but I realise thats just how it is.. So don’t worry about the quality of your freebie gift at all.. FOCUS on getting your funnel ready at this stage.. ( You can always tweak your freebie gift later on)

I’ll be adding some PLR (Private Label rights) Materials you can download and edit as your own so you can use it as a freebie gift. (these days its hard to find a free PLR product with giveaway rights)

Below is a link you can download 26 products with Giveaway rights, these are Master resell rights products , ( you are not allowed to edit the product in anyway) But you can give them away which is good enough !  (80 MB File)

Download unzip the file and choose any one of the PDF files as a giveaway

Download Over 26 Giveaway products with Master Resell Rights  (CLICK HERE)

[More Updates coming soon]

To upload your Freebie file, simply use WordPress  first go to you wordpress Admin area
it should be

1) Click on “media” and hit “Add new”

Upload Media library 1

Next Click “select Files” and browse for your freebie gift in your computer

upload media library 2

After uploading you will see this below. Copy the whole URL link
( this will be your direct link) you should use this link in your “download page

Upload Media Library 3