Squeezepage Creation For Solo Ad Traffic

NOTE: This Tutorial assumes you're using Instabuilder 2.0 

Important: This funnel  and squeeze page design sample in the members area has been copied by all my previous students so I strongly suggest you try to make it unique or different in terms of the design. You can change the words to make it more appealing or different so that you’re funnel does;t look like the same funnel as the other students funnels. BUT don’t get too caught up with it. Most importantly what you need to do now is get the funnel up.


Step 1
Head to your wordpress dashboard the URL should be www.yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin
Click on “Instabuilder2.o” and then create a “New page

Instabuilder 2.0 Dashboard

Step 2: You will see a screen below that allows you to choose ready made templates, for this example I choose “Squeeze Pages“, Text Squeeze” And I  hit “Choose” in one of the given templates

Creating Squeeze1

Step 3: Edit text by clicking any element in the Squeezepage and then when you’re done Click the Gear Icon (In image below , you need to click on the “SEND ME INFO” button for the  Step1 GEAR to appear) and go to “Opt-in Form HTML Code” on the right and  insert your Autoresponder Code HTML format and Hit “Process” once done.
Creating Squeeze 2

Remember to only take the HTML version of your webform code from your autoresponder  account
On Aweber follow the screenshot below and copy paste the entire code ( hit Ctrl +C  and Ctrl + V)
Aweber HTML

To edit the Submit button and edit the text like in my example “Send Me Info!” Click on the button and click the gear Icon and click on “Opt-in Form button

Form Button 1

And click on “BUTTON TEXT” and edit the text label as “Send Me Info!

Form Button 2

At this stage you should already have a nice looking squeezepage however we need to still add an exit pop up to get Maximize our potential opt-in rate. The exit pop up is going display a pop up with an opt-in form and if they subscribed gets sent to the SAME LIST 🙂
We want to word the headline a little differently though.

Step 4 -1  On the same page click the GEAR icon on the top Right and choose “POP UP SETTINGS”
If you want to customise your pop up You can watch the default tutorial by INSTABUILDER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw5sjkJ8PwM

Next choose “Page unfocus”  this will cause the pop up to appear when you try to exit the page ( Hovering your mouse on the exit tab triggers the pop up to appear)

When the pop up appears you can customize however you like. I recommend just having a text block and your optin form
Simply “drag and drop” the text block and Optin form element.

next be sure to just edit the Opt-in form and insert the SAME HTML FORM CODE from STEP 3,

Also be sure that ONLY THE EMAIL field is present, to edit the fields go to Opt in form Fields and hit Manage fields

STEP 5 Change your Permalink

permalink-change 1

You can change the URL structure as you wish, in my example
My Url >http://brandon-sean.com/innercircle/squeezepagesample/
Don’t forget to hit save once done.
Permalink - change-2

Lastly don’t forget to Hit PUBLISH!

Hit Publish

Hit PUBLISH so that the page is now LIVE . Save your link in an excel Sheet!

Some rules for high CONVERTING Squeezepages
1)When creating a squeezepage always ONLY collect emails,
2) No Fancy Graphics.. Ugly squeezepages often convert better ( funny I know)

4) Headline formula I Follow
Subheadline: Free Report Reveals...
Headline: How to do a VERY Specific thing within Very Specific Time Frame, Without Hassle #1 & Hassle # 2
Submit button : Send Me Info
NOTE:  The point of the headline is to be something so shocking and absurd, that out of curiousity you would definitely want to enter your email.

Example Headlines:
1)How I Accidentally made $170.42$ within 17 hours 42 minutes with Facebook , with no technical knowledge and NO experience whatsoever..

Here is a sample of my high converting squeeze page ( on average minimum 40%)
[I'll be adding more tips here Soon]