The Proper Sales Funnel

Before we get in to the “nitty gritty” details of all this I want to give you the BIG picture, here’s the “bird eye view” I want you to understand how this super simple business model works before we dive into how to do it all.


Here’s the deal, this might seem way too simple to you, but IT WORKS! This is the EXACT Business model I used to reach $10K per month , and it is the system I want you to use as well..

Now before your read the three steps, I don’t want you to be TOO Confused. So if you don't understand some of it don't worry..

The last thing I want for you to do is read over it and say “WOW I don’t understand any of that.. I am leaving” We will go over all three of these in detail in a bit ok?


1) Traffic Generation
2) A Proper Sales funnel with a High ticket backend offers
3) The ability to build a relationship with those that enter your sales funnel.

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